Hacks & Cheats

We’ve Coded a Brand New Agar.Io Hack! Have you heard about Agario or game? Though this game has gained huge popularity in the past days but there are some people who still don’t know about this game.

What Does Hack Do? hacks or cheats is a special bookmarklet which gets automatically created based on your IP address and username. These bot, hacked scripts or agar game hacks can be used on several web browsers such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer (8+).

By using these bot and agario game hacks you will surely dominate the game and win on Leaderboard in just few minutes.The bot is used by most of the people that allow them to play without the fear of losing the game.

How to download Hack?

Agar game hacks can be downloaded from the link: cheat

(Click On The Image Above To Be Taken To Download Page)

Once you have downloaded the hack then you need to connect on in order to activate the hack within 15 minutes. Once it is activated you can use it for unlimited amount of time.

On your username and IP address a bookmarklet will be created that will support each browser. Plus, you can also generate the bot code via their online application.

Simple Cheats

Looking for cheats? You will find the entire instructions on how to use the hacks in your custom hack folder. In addition, you will find step by step instructions to use the cheats for each browser supported.

  • Zoom in or Zoom out: Hold Z and press -/+
  • To increase or decrease speed: Hold S and press -/+
  • To Double the size: Hold Z and press -/+ to activate or deactivate this option
  • For opacity: Hold I and press -/+ Hack Features

There are many Agario hack bot and hack script features that will help you to control the game with ease and win it. The list of features include:

  1. Zoom: This is an ultimate feature that will help you to see everything precisely. By zooming the page you can everything clearly and most importantly even the smallest things. This feature helps you to see where your opponent is and that too without even knowing them.
  2. Speed: This hack feature is simply amazing as it can instantly increases your speed when you are moving at a slow rate. It is best to use this feature when your score reaches 150 or more because if you use it with scores less than 150 then you have a higher risk to get caught as you speed is high.
  3. Double Size: This is a tremendous feature that doubles your score with every cell you consume. Usually eating small cells will increment your score by one but by activating this feature you will be able to score two points within each cell you eat. So, basically it will make your score count double.
  4. Invisibility: This is one of the most used and best features of hacks. This mode allows each player to set the opacity level for your cell up to -10. Using the invisible mode feature will hide you and it will be harder for the opponents to see you.

PS: Invisibility hack works best when your cell color is yellow and username blank (without username).

About game is the most simplest and addictive game which is trending nowadays on the internet. This game can be played for free on any web browser but it can be best played on Chrome web browser that can be found at web portal. It is developed by the user on Steam and has even got Greenlight from Steam. hack

How to play this game?

Playing is very simple. You need to visit the web portal and choose a username. That’s it you are ready to play now.

The game consists of consuming the smaller pellets which are lying around you in order to become larger while avoiding yourself from the large blobs because if they absorb you then your game will be over. So basically you need to put, eat and save yourself from being eaten.

LeaderBoard: The board which displays the opponents with the highest mass and not the highest marks.

The Controls used in the game are:

  • Use your mouse or track pad to control the cell
  • SPACEBAR to split the cells into half
  • “W” key is used to eject the mass

Useful Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: When you are small in size it is recommended to hide behind the viruses in order to save your blob.

By hiding your blob behind the virus you will be able to keep the aggressive blobs away from yourself.

Tip #2: Use Edges and Corners.

This game has its limits so it is better to know the limits so that you can use them to trap your competitor.

Tip #3: To Split the competitor use Viruses.

As you already know that viruses have the capability to split the larger blob upon being fed so it is best to feed the virus when trying to take the opponent down by just pressing the “w” key seven times.

Viruses: They are spiky star things which are green in color. You can hide behind them if you are smaller in size as compared to them. But if you are bigger in size then they have the power to break you into smaller cells.

Tip #4: The best time to split is when you are huge and hunting.

The moving speed decreases as the size of the blob increases so it is wise to break yourself in order to move faster.

Do you know that by learning to use the game cheats you will be able to take your gaming skills and experience to an entirely new level?

Game cheats are used not only to reach the next level but also to finish them at the faster rate. Similarly, hacks, cheats can be used to simplify the game and complete difficult levels with ease.

Are you ready to take your gaming experience to a whole new level?